Studs and Jacques Discuss Saving Our Lonely Planet

Today is Earth Day and it should come as no surprise that Studs was way ahead of the curve in discussing the environmental. First conceived at an UNESCO Conference in 1969, Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd; the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, in 1970 and became a national movement in 1990. Founded on the notion that our planets’ resources are finite, Earth Day continues to remind us to tread lightly and leave a small carbon footprint.

jacques cousteauOn this Earth Day we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to speak for the planet than Jacques Cousteau. One of the leaders in the movement to save the planet, Jacques Yves Cousteau hardly needs an introduction. His series The Undersea Word of Jacques Cousteau, ran from 1968 through 1976, brought the beauty and diversity of the oceans to a generation of children who would grow up to become environmental activists and scientists. While the interview is forty-six years old the major themes remain the same.  Start listening for such gems as Cousteau’s quote that governments are run by a bunch of “elected, irresponsible, ignorant, incompetent people” but stay for a lively discussion of the politics of energy, the EPA, nuclear energy, jobs and the greed of power companies.

His insights on what people want and what politicians actually do is as relevant today as it was in 1976. Their conversation about the future of energy and our planet could as easily be about Global Warming as it is about nuclear energy. Prepare to be amazed by his assertion that women are crucial to the success of saving our planet. It sounds like he would have agreed that we need more women in politics in order to form a more perfect union.

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Erica Jong Talks About The Fear of Flying

Before there was “Fifty Shades of Grey” there was Erica Jong and the “Fear of Flying”. To celebrate her birthday today we’d like to share her lively conversation with Stud’s from 1974. When “Fear of Flying” was published in 1973 it set off a firestorm of controversy for its frank portrayal of female sexuality and is often credited with the attitudes towards sex that dominated the second wave of feminism. In their lively discussion Studs and Erica touch on a range of subjects from the real meaning of her book to the prevailing attitudes towards sex in the ’70’s.






Early in the interview she tells an amusing story about the connection between sex and politics, how that connection got her speaking engagement cancelled by the Smithsonian and how that cancellation gained her a whole lot of notoriety from the Washington Post. Listen to their lively exchange and ask yourself how much has changed in the last 40 years.

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