Who wrote the Greatest Ever Chicago Book?

Have you been following the Chicago Reader’s Greatest Ever Chicago Book Tournament?  We have, and you can guess who we’re rooting for!  The last round pitted Nelson Algren’s City on the Make against Mike Royko’s Boss – what would Studs have made of that?  Jerome Ludwig was tasked with this difficult decision, and even considers what he calls “the Studs Terkel factor” in making his final choice.  If you haven’t already, read about what he chose and why.

And then come back to hear Studs and Nelson talk about their beloved city and Algren’s paean to it.

Speaking of love…

And we couldn’t leave out Mike Royko!

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Thanks, Mr. Schwartzman

In a recent interview on Salon.com, Jason Schwartzman discusses how he prepared for his upcoming film Listen Up Philip, the solitary lives authors may lead, and what he’s been listening to lately.

Our favorite part of the interview?  “I’ve also been listening to these Studs Terkel interviews.  He’s the best.”  We agree!  (FYI, Jason Schwartzman will be doing a Q&A about the film after a screening on October 24 at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago!)

And speaking of authors, here are a few gems from the Archive.

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