The firestorm in Indiana is still going strong and whatever the outcome it’s clear that gender equality is here to stay, as witnessed by Governor Mike Pence’s back-pedaling on the RFRA just a few hours ago. That’s what makes this interview so fascinating and relevant today. Listen as Studs talks with three generations of gay and lesbian activists about what it meant to live in the United States in 1970. The Midwest Mattachine Organization was so successful in its mission that it was inducted into the Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame in 2002.


While it may be easier to be LGBT now than it was over 40 years ago, many of the same issues still trouble us as have been highlighted this week in the outrage over the RFRA
(Religious Freedom Restoration Act). Many of the subjects they touch upon are still a part of our everyday conversation. What does it mean to be a discriminated against minority and what are the personal costs of hiding who you really are? And while it seems as if there is a long way to go towards equality at least today pressure is being brought nation-wide from individuals, corporations and even major political parties to make sure that all types of discrimination become a part of the past.

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