All You Need Is Love

It’s abundantly clear by now to anyone who listened to Studs’ original broadcasts that he championed social justice and equality for all. From his earliest broadcasts he gave a voice to people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation. Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of same-sex couples to marry reinforces what Studs said in a speech he gave in 2001. He believed that all people should be treated equally no matter who they are, or who they love.

From The Stonewall Inn where the fight for equality began to states like Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky where same-sex couples are finally free to get married and have their families legally recognized, Studs’ words about what family values are all about stands the test of time.

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What Would Jane Addams Do?

Today is World Social Work Day so we’ve dug into our archives to find a fascinating interview from May, 1966 with a panel of experts from the National Association of Social Workers. The discussion includes the change in status from immigrant “poor” to migrant “poor” in the almost 80 years since the founding of Hull House in 1889. How this has changed the mission of Social Workers as well as a lively discussion of how Jane would have felt about the policies of the day and the huge social changes taking place in the mid-sixties are just a few of the fascinating subjects included in the conversation. Included is a short clip from Jesse F. Binford, a co-worker of Jane’s who has real insight into Jane and her relationship to the  community.

Jane Addams

Give this a listen and then spend a few minutes thinking about has and hasn’t changed in our discussion of the disadvantaged. Do you hear echoes of today’s conversation about welfare and social services in this program? Would Jane Addams approve of how we treat our low-income citizens today?

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