This past Friday marked the sixth anniversary of Studs’s death and an occasion to reflect on his legacy as we work to assemble his radio and audio archive.  It’s heartening to know that within two years almost all of his radio programs (5,400+) should be on the site available for the world.

To get a sense of how much pride Studs took in his archive, watch a bit of this fascinating BBC television documentary made about Studs in 1985.  (Thanks to our friends at Media Burn for making this and other dozens of other Studs videos available.)


At about 9:25 in, you can see Studs browsing through his reel-to-reel tape collection talking about specific programs, a gleam in his eye as he surveys shelf upon shelf of his life’s work.  It’s a moment that has inspired us as we work to make all of those programs available. (more…)