Studs and Stuart Dybek at Chicago’s Rhinofest

A few weeks ago, we told you about the “Terkelogues” show at Chicago’s Rhinofest.  This Sunday, February 8, is the second and final performance.  The show features Jenny Magnus, Beau O’Rielly, and Jeremy Campbell, and is co-written and co-directed by Stephan Brün and our own Tony Macaluso.  This Sunday’s show has a little something extra – author Stuart Dybek will be joining the performance to read a related blizzard-set story from his recent story collection, Ecstatic Cahoots.

We’ve also recently been writing about the Reader‘s Greatest Chicago Book Tournament.  Did you look closely at the seed map on the Reader‘s website?  Look again (scroll down).  There’s a pretty good chance that we could see a Terkel/Dybel book-off in the near future.  But before the competition begins, they’ll be collaborating… maybe synthesizing is better… this weekend at Rhinofest.  Come check it out!

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We made it.  If you’re reading this, then you survived the 4th (or 3rd, or 5th, depending on how you measure and who you’re listening to) worst snowstorm in Chicago history.  (Or maybe you live somewhere it doesn’t snow – lucky you!)

Our worst storm hit in late January of 1967.  The Monkees’ “I’m A Believer” was topping the charts, Lyndon B. Johnson was president, and Chicago struggled to get out from under 23 inches of snow.  Well, maybe it wasn’t all struggle.  As one of the men Studs talks with says, snowstorms are good for giving “people a chance to stay downtown and get drunk.”

And as a quick update to our last post, Studs’ Working is competing against Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife this week in the Reader‘s Greatest Chicago Book Tournament.

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Who wrote the Greatest Ever Chicago Book?

Have you been following the Chicago Reader’s Greatest Ever Chicago Book Tournament?  We have, and you can guess who we’re rooting for!  The last round pitted Nelson Algren’s City on the Make against Mike Royko’s Boss – what would Studs have made of that?  Jerome Ludwig was tasked with this difficult decision, and even considers what he calls “the Studs Terkel factor” in making his final choice.  If you haven’t already, read about what he chose and why.

And then come back to hear Studs and Nelson talk about their beloved city and Algren’s paean to it.

Speaking of love…

And we couldn’t leave out Mike Royko!

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