In order to build and share the Studs Terkel Radio Archive, we have help from great partners! is a browser-based mixing tool.  With, you can easily put together different audio and video pieces into your own “collage,” and then share it with others.

Jell Creative, our web developer, brings the unique Studs Terkel Radio Archive experience to life.

On PopUp Archive, you can find the audio and transcripts of over 400 programs.  You can search by the guest’s name or by tag, or else just browse through the collection.

Starchive will give us the ability to deliver 1000 programs to you, all while letting you interact with the media.

Trint converts video and audio files to “iTranscripts” – you can easily edit, search and share your media, direct from the text.

Vamonde is a platform for creating location-based audio adventures – hyperlocal storytelling.  We’re looking forward to bringing you an adventure inspired by Studs Terkel and his guests.