We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign!  Click here to visit!

We’re looking to raise $75,000 and we need your help.  This money will enable us to upload audio and transcriptions for 1000 more programs to our site, including interviews with groundbreaking television host Dick Cavett, filmmaker Michael Moore, comedian Lily Tomlin, authors Maya Angelou, Chaim Potok, and Dorothy Parker, civil rights icon and activist Rosa Parks, and so many more.  We’ll also be able to continue working with our technology partners to bring you new ways to experience, share, and reuse the audio.

What’s in it for you?  To say thanks for your help, we have some very exciting rewards.  You can sponsor a program – or an entire category of programs.  You can join the Curating Producer of WFMT’s “Best of Studs Terkel” program as she plans for the next week’s show.  You can even record your own podcast, reflecting on your favorite interview in the archive.

Thanks in advance, and we’ll keep you posted on how the campaign is going.

Take it easy, but take it!