We are happy to announce our partnership with the Chicago Public Library’ “One Book, One Chicago” campaign.  Award winning read The Third Coast, by Thomas Dyja is a great history of Chicago from the end of World War II through the election of the first Mayor Daley. A great read it covers everything from architecture and literature to politics and race relations. Studs shows up as a Chicago character and is included as part of the discussion on Chicago’s influence on radio and television.  There are interviews in the book from people who also spoke with Studs like Gwendolyn Brooks, Art Shay, Nelson Algren, Mavis Staples, and Mahalia Jackson.

To compliment this book we’ve put together a number of interviews on SoundCloud with some of the famous names Studs has interviewed. Read the book, listen to the interviews or even better do both!  Just don’t miss these tremendous voices!OBOCFall2015Teaser_400x400 CPL_chipubliblogo_P355wURL CityThatGives_300x230