The Studs Terkel Radio Archive, in partnership with YOUmedia Chicago, Convergence Academies at Tilden and ChiArts, with funding from HIVE and Chicago Public Library is proud to announce the New Voices on Studs Terkel summer program. Teens from all three locations will come together to create new works based on the Studs Terkel Radio Archive and will have complete access to all programs.

Keep an eye on the site New Voices on Studs Terkel or follow #nvonstuds over at Twitter or Instagram for updates!

What is the New Voices on Studs Terkel program all about?

New Voices on the Studs Terkel Radio Archive is empowering youth to use 21st century skills in developing a multi-media exhibit and digital archive.

Over the summer, youth from ChiArts, Convergence Academies at Tilden and YouMedia will learn and apply skills in the visual, media, and literary arts to create new work for a series of public exhibits and digital display on the Archive’s website. The project will also stimulate dialogue and collaboration between youth, their peers, and teachers to help inspire and create curated audio within the classroom that will be permanently included in the digital archive.

Check out some early projects here.

We would also like to thank Media Burn for allowing teens to view/manipulate over 60 hours of archival video footage for this program!