Studs TerkelIn celebration we would like to share a few charming and illuminating examples of how people have begun to use excerpts from the constantly evolving Studs Terkel Radio Archive in creative new ways over the past few months.

Seeing Studs’ work migrate to new formats has been a delight and it doesn’t get any better than the Third Coast Audio Festival’s ShortDocs Challenge which recently closed with an amazing 150+ original new 3 minute audio pieces inspired by Studs’ way of making radio. You can listen to the whole wild collection on their website.

Third Coast Festival: Short Docs Challenge

You’ll find an immense mix of pieces including inventive examples of re-use such as Studs interviewing a smart phone in the style of his great book Working.

For anyone in the Chicago area, on June 3, Third Coast will be hosting a Peoples’ ShortDoc Election Event during which they’ll play the 8 finalists.

Third Coast Festival: Happenings

Another fun new use of material from the archive was created by our friends at PopUp Archive (which is hosting and helping transcribe the audio in the archive) for their new podcast Popcast which features bits from Studs’ 1970 interview with Maurice Sendak. That interview provides a marvelous glimpse of the personality and working methods of the author of Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen.

Freud In The Night Kitchen

For an in-depth look at how Studs’ shaped his on-air persona and his approach to the art of conversation, this podcast from Radio DePaul (Derek Peters) celebrating his 103rd birthday is a treat.

Radio DePaul: Happy Birthday Studs

Another fantastic new use was The Organist, the podcast affiliated with McSweeney’s and The Believer. They ended their current season with a marvelous piece about Studs’ views on the role of “Happy Accidents” in art and in life. Hosted by writer and publisher J.C. Gabel it is a playful analysis of Studs’ working ways and offers some exciting insights into his thought processes.

The Organist: Happy Accidents

And for sheer joy and style, nothing beats the short animations created by Blank on Blank using snippets from the archive. The most recent uses clips from several of Studs’ talks with the great inventor/designer Buckminster Fuller called “The Geodisic Life” and sheds light on how we found his calling in life.

Blank On Blank: Buckminster Fuller

And that’s just a small sampling of what happening with Studs’ work as we celebrate this 103rd birthday!


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