Dear Students,

Steve, Tony, Allison, Rowan, and I had a great time meeting with you last week.  Your enthusiasm about Studs’s words and your own interpretations of them was truly inspiring!  I also want to thank you for being so open and honest with us about your experience.  Although a theatrical performance is naturally a community event, being a part of a cast can sometimes feel very intimate or exclusive, and we are grateful for the insights you were willing to share with us.

Speaking of sharing – I would like to again extend an invitation to you to contribute to this blog.  I would love to post anything that was inspired by your experience in “Working,” whether it is a written piece, a film or recording, a piece of visual art, or even a brand new interview (perhaps featuring an artist or a drug dealer!).  If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at

The team and I wish you all the best with your performance this weekend (I’m really looking forward to seeing it!) and with your future theatrical and academic pursuits.

Break a leg!

Grace (and the entire Studs team)