One of the best parts of building the Studs Terkel Radio Archive is connecting with organizations or producers who are using radio to tell stories in styles that both have things in common with what Studs was doing and that also take radio in wild, fearless new directions.

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is definitely an example of both and we’re quite delighted to be working with them on some projects which we’ll be announcing at their big conference here in Chicago in a couple of weeks.

Third Coast Logo

In the meantime, we’d like to share some amazing storytelling audio. Third Coast recently announced the 12 winners of their 2014 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.  You can listen here:

These dozen shows range from comic-tragic epic bus trips by migrants going home to Mexico to audio tributes to fog horns and their ability to represent heartbreak. I’m perpetually amazed at the kinds of narrative structures radio producers building. Some of these programs feel like ideas Studs would have contemplated like Emily Hsiao’s “Leaving a Mark” (an interview with a guy seeking to remove a swastika tattoo), while others like Jesse Cox program about the search for sex and affection online would probably perplexed Studs and his cohorts.

The human need to get people to stop, focus and pay attention to a story, even if just for a brief spell, remains constant. We’re excited to have Third Coast as allies as we start building the Studs Terkel Radio Archive. If you haven’t heard the programs they gather – we urge you to go listen now.