For ten years, WFMT has been celebrating Studs Terkel’s legacy on its “Best of Studs Terkel” program.  Every Friday night at 10:00 pm (central time), you can hear a rebroadcast of one of Studs’s original radio shows.  Often, these programs tie into a special event or holiday.  We do our best with that here on the blog (check out the Halloween post for an interview with witch, Sybil Leek); but with 10 years of practice and a greater selection of interviews to choose from, the “Best of” show is your best source for themed interviews. And this is the perfect time of year for it – coming up in the next weeks are Studs’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas shows, as well as his WFMT Anniversary program.

Louise Frank, the show’s producer, says that one of her favorite aspects of the show is hearing all of the different musicians that Studs speaks with in his studio.  He has interviewed some of the biggest names in music, including Dizzy Gillespie and Placido Domingo; as well as local artists such as the Chicago Jazz Ensemble and Kathy Cowan.  Due to the intricate and curious nature of copyright law, many of these shows won’t ever feature in a blog post, or be a part of our online repository – you can only hear them on the “Best of Studs Terkel”!  One such example is this week’s show, featuring at 1994 interview with the Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Chanticleer, so tune in on Friday at 10:00 pm for a musical treat.

Studs with Win Stracke, Big Bill Broonzy, Larry Lane. c. Stephen Deutch

Studs with Win Stracke, Big Bill Broonzy, Larry Lane. c. Stephen Deutch; courtesy of the Chicago History Museum