Anais NinIn 1972, Studs had Anais Nin into his studio to talk about the fourth installment of her diary and her book of short stories, Under the Glass Bell.  Ms. Nin was born in France in 1903; by the time she sat down with Studs at nearly seventy years old, she had been publishing books for forty years and had lived in Spain, the United States, and France.  She is best known today for her diaries and erotica.



In this first clip, she talks about how dreams and legends influence her writing, and the importance of her diary during her own growing up years.

Later, she speaks about her passion and openness, essential characteristics for a woman who shares her diaries with the world.  She also talks about the joy she finds in her own work

And here, she talks about the connections she sees between creativity and compassion: “compassion takes empathy and empathy takes imagination.”


Her work continues to influence filmmakers, performers, and other writers.